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An image is unacceptable to Commons if it is illegal, or arguably illegal, in any one or more of: (a) the country in which the photograph was taken; (b) the country from which the image was uploaded; (c) the USA (where Commons images are stored).The template may be used to warn re-users of Commons’ content that local laws may impose additional requirements on reuse, over and above those enforced here.These former issues are quite distinct from the copyright status of the image and may restrict or impose obligations on those taking, uploading or reusing a photograph.A Creative Commons licence or public domain status, for example, means that the photographer (or other owner) has waived or lost certain rights and that their permission to use the image is not required.Country-specific laws may affect what content we can host, how it may be published, and whether consent is required to re-use it.When dealing with photographs of people, we are required to consider the legal rights of the subject and the ethics of publishing the photo in addition to the concerns of the photographer and owner of the image.

A place may be publicly accessible but still retain an expectation of privacy concerning photography, for example a hospital ward during visiting hours.In many countries (especially English-speaking ones) the subject's consent is not usually needed for publishing a straightforward photograph of an identifiable individual taken in a public place.However, the term published should not be construed to include commercial use, as consent is usually required in these situations.Moreover, the country specific consent requirements vary.Many factors can determine whether and what degree of consent is required.In many countries the subject's consent is needed to just take a picture, and/or to publish it and/or to use it commercially even if the person is in a public place.

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