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and with Brez and Luke that always turns in to having some sexual pleasures with each ;-) It's a full-on suckathon to begin with - slow cock worship, deep throating, licking, fast sucking, a frenzied 69 and then some hot face-fucking!

These guys were meant to be together and it's soon time for them to get fucking. and then Jamie (Brez's straight housemate) comes home and busts them mid action.

How could we let only one get fucked in this hot video when each is packing an impressive cock and has a flawless ass?!

If it wasn't hot enough in that sauna already, the temperatures really shoot through the roof as these two studs take turns burying their dicks in one another and fuck their way to intense orgasms.

Nathaniel soon gets chatting to salesman Ryder who's in town on business. On entering the hotel room Nathaniel makes it known that he doesn't play with guys - but that doesn? He's soon on his knees and seriously devours that fat veiny piece of man meat before asking to get his face fucked... But Nathaniel's got an alterior motive and he uses Ryder's neck tie to tie him to the bed. He ignores it at first and carries on with his repair, but the calls for help continue. He's completely absorbed and enjoying himself when Brez, his housemate, comes home from work early and finds him wanking away!

Ryder sees his chance to tempt Nathaniel (who's sporting hangover horn! He has his wicked way with Ryder and when he leaves he's got more than just a smile on his face.. He makes sure he is at the right door and lets himself in... Brez watches Jamie for a while before saying 'busted mate!

The guys had a blast while exploring Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and all certainly bonded with one another.

Scene 2- Reagan & Josh's Sauna Fuck Sure, spending some quality time in a hot sauna in Scandinavia is a bit cliche.

The studs need to be insatiably horny, undeniable exhibitionists, and quite clever and even mischievous.

Alone in a room together with no direction beyond their own horniness and desire to have fun, it's entirely up to them to make it work and make it hot.

only to find poor Ryder helpless and still tied up, struggling to remove his restraints and still covered in Nathaniel's cum... t just going to untie him - oh no, Ryder needs to earn it! t much complaining coming from Ryder because he finally gets to blow his load! ' and Jamie's reaction is one of total shock ;-) Calming things down, Brez explains it's no big deal and that he was enjoying the porn too. July 15, 2011 Episode 25 Some Consoling Cock Between Hung Mates Well, the writing's been on the wall for Aarron and Luke for quite some time - and now it hits the fan!

Matt pulls his already hardening cock out of his jeans and waves it above Ryder? and frustrated Ryder just can't resist another cock! t going untie the young hottie until he too has had his way with him... Jamie invites him to join him and soon they're both jerking off... he slowly moves and swallows Jamie's cock and he sucks his straight mate until he cums all over his face. Luke finds the footage of Aarron ordering Billy S and Fraser to fuck (remember -- Episode 12) and he's not happy.

The chemistry is real, the action is intense, and this entire video is both extremely hot and fun!

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