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Even so, sex is not its strong suit: Birth and fertility rates remain low, and its contraceptive and erotica sales seem to have stalled.

The capital and second most populous city in Bama is trailing the rest of the country when it comes to contraceptive and erotica sales.

Also known as Jax or J-ville, this Southern city boasts warm weather, sandy beaches, and tons of attractions.

But if you're looking for intimacy, you may want to go elsewhere: Low birth rates and slow contraceptive sales lead experts to believe it's more subdued than steamy.

The Alamo City's contraceptive sales per capita are as high as Portland's, and when it comes to condom sales in particular, San Antonio is the U. What's more, according to the CDC, Texas boasts the nation's second-highest birth rates (17.1 percent).

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Read on as we reveal the 10 most-and least-sexually active cities in America. We've also factored in statewide birth and fertility rates from the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), city-by-city sales of books about sex, and sales from several nationwide erotica outlets.

Fortunately, there's an upside to the abstinence: Jersey City boasts one of the lowest teenage pregnancy rates in the country.

Known as the Renaissance City, Providence has struggled to improve its poverty rates over the past few decades and is now touted as one the best quality-of-life cities in the country.

Microbreweries, rose gardens, and coffeehouses aren't the only thing Portland residents have to smile about. Plus, the city ranks sixth in sales at Pure Romance, a company that offers an exclusive line of products for "relationship enhancement." Home of the prestigious University of Michigan, this quintessential college town was hailed as the sexiest city in America by According to the online bookseller, which calculated the types of books they sell to cities across the country, books about sex account for 24 percent of Ann Arbor's residents' romantic purchases.

This Pacific Northwestern town's contraceptive sales per capita are 127 percent higher than those of most U. The second-largest city in the Lone Star state, San Antonio is known as a multicultural Mecca filled with historic landmarks-and apparently, fornication.

Fortunately, it offers residents lots of other advantages, particularly when it comes to education: Lexington recently ranked tenth in a list of America's most educated large cities and thirteenth in literacy. For more than four decades, this city's population was in serious decline.

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