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This area will tell you what interests you need to complete the task and how many of each. Now go to roofing materials and click on Gray Roof Shingles and paint the roof. You need to have 30 wood essences but you need Elmira's axe so let s talk to her. Select chat, then Discuss Toil, then Hug, then Receive Axe. That is all we can reach right now that is important so use the treasure finder to see what is underground. She gives you a scroll to build gear belts to fix her bull ride. You have to place the belts in front of or behind another belt or gear. Use your treasure finder in the water to try to find the key. Look toward to the water and go to the right area of the water. Go to the clam near here and open it for a scroll, mana, and bronze. Look at the upper left of the screen when you enter construction mode. Click on Stones and Tiling, then click brick wall, then click on the medium base block. Some contraptions in this game require gears to operate otherwise it won't work. Next to Outdoor Blocks is a new category called mechanical. While holding the C button, just placing gears in a straight line from the one gear that is moving to the box on the right end of the windmill. Essences are things like gems, wood, flowers and many more. Even though there are more than 4 weeds the maximum chain is 4. Leave the water and go to the coast closest to the archway. After so many chops the tree will wither and you need to water it so press A to water the plant so it won t die. After that press the A button and swing your Wii remote back and forth to chop down the tree. Keeping moving and striking till you see a red circle after you strike then shake the Wii remote to collect essences from the wall. Mining: Metal, Bronze, Mana Make sure you collect lots of essences before continuing. Now enter construction mode and build the stairs using (from bottom) three stairs section and one stair top on top. Walk all the way back to the area near the mushroom garden and open the chest. There is a knight in one of the island that wants these pieces. Underground: Stone, Amber, Breastplate of resistance and Mana Make sure you collect a lot of these essences.

Another thing, watering a tree will make it produce essences in its leaves. So enter treasure finder mode, just like paint mode, and walk around. Just move your Wii remote up and down like a shovel to dig it up.

Turn your camera towards the right and you will see another one across the other side of the mud by three red yellow dotted mushrooms. Move your camera towards your right to see another one on the highest ledge. Tiny Sharks - Simoleons You now get King points for completing a task and if you earn enough points you get a level and a reward from the king. A] Exploration Before talking to Renee, let us explore a little. Go back down to the bottom of the steps and look right at the brown ledge. When it works, it sometimes drops organic essences. On the other end of that T pipe place a long pipe then a T pipe with one end facing the back and the other end facing the windmill.

There is one right above buddy and next to the move so walk up there and touch it and press A. Use it to get some dead wood then plant something else if you like. Behind Ginny's Station is a red bandana that you can inspect. Then continue on and when you reach the wooden step go up the other wooden steps instead. To the right of the stove is another bandana on a cactus. Get on this ledge and walk straight toward the girl sweeping the dust. I found a scroll underground on the mountain path, where the dirt is at, by the river between Gabby's house and the cows. Then just keep using small gears from the gear with the axle to the gear connected to the flour contraption. After talking to Gino about his tomatoes, talk to Gabby. From the other side of the T pipe, place a long pipe, then a T pipe with one end facing the back of the garden. On the other end place another T pipe with an end facing the windmill and place a sprinkler on that end.

6, 2011 Email: [email protected] policy: If I have made a mistake or did not mention a scroll then by all means e-mail me.

Introduction: There are a few rare flowers, one essence and a few figurines that was not located.

The book tells you that there are eight invitations so press B until you go back to the screen with your sim. A] Exploration in the Wild West If you walk straight ahead then you will run into a stump. Go back the way you came and stop at the archway before passing through to see another bandana. Head back toward the girl and stop at the weed and go the upper left path (assuming you are facing toward Roxie.) Walk up the path and look to your left. Go up the stairs near here to find a chest with a scroll, Sapphire, Mana and Simoleons. To the right of the mining area is the last bandana. Do not forget to look do use the treasure finder to see what you find. Enter construction mode and place two long axles between the windmill and the gear. From the right side of the T pipe, with your back facing the water pump and the camera behind you, place a long pipe then an elbow pipe facing the back of the garden, a short pipe and a sprinkler.

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