Debt consolidating loan companies


Reducing your interest rate allows you to lower your monthly payment and pay off your debts sooner.

One of the main benefits of consolidating your credit card debt is getting a reduced interest rate.

Freedom Plus requires each applicant to have a phone call with the company to verify information in the application. Residents of New York, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Maine, Kansas, Hawaii, Colorado or Connecticut are unable to apply for Freedom Plus loans.

What we like about Lending Club is that the company is available in almost every state—with the exception of Iowa—and offers a wide range of rates and terms.

One of the most common reasons individuals take out a personal loan is to consolidate high-interest debt, especially credit card debt.

To help you find the best debt consolidation loan, we evaluated more than 50 different personal loan companies.

While it may be nice to have a more manageable monthly payment, it also means paying more interest over the life of the loan.

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