Db4o updating arraylist problem

First work with Embedded Object Container, have a look to Have in mind that db4o can be migrated to Versant professional for huge databases.If you are aware, this will take few time, and with a couple of hour you will be able to see OODB functionnality, then you will be able to test some tools.

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e Harmony is thriving with Canadian singles looking for same thing - from Toronto to Vancouver, and every place in between.I have created a db4o database in a C# solution called Sync Manage2. DB4O doesn't seem to provide a method to check if the database (Object Container) is closed. What would be the Java code (psuedo) that would generate a list of unique Java CLASSES/TYPES contained in the database?So right now, this is the code I use to see if it's closed. Assuming you are using DB4O with the standard configuration and out-of-the-box - meaning, you are using DB4O's standard internal id scheme, as per below**. I am sure I could write the code to do it, but I am ...I have been developing a Restlet Application where the db4o database gets opened and closed in the Server Resource or classes below.I started to run into concurrency issues so changed the db4o to the ...In my Servlets, I use the I would use an Object-Relational Map package, such as Hibernate.

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