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But sometimes guys can come off as oblivious, obnoxious, or uninterested—even when they're really trying.

Many of the most common dating mistakes can be easily avoided, provided that you're aware of them.

"While you don't have to confess your love during the courting stage, do let her know where your head is at and give her a glimpse of your feelings towards her."Guys can get remarkably touchy, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Some men will analyze everything—from the chair a woman chooses at a restaurant to the way she changes her hair for a second date.

This shows that you are a good listener."Guys will often insist on paying, but some women aren't into that.

We're not saying who's right and who's wrong; the point is that it shouldn't be a big deal.

However, talking about how awkward it is will only make the situation worse.

Your goal should be to show confidence, and if you're not feeling confident, act confident anyway.

Here's your game plan: If she insists on going Dutch, go along with it.You might think that you're simply looking for common ground, but it comes off as a little bit strange.If we're being honest, it's extremely unsettling, and it doesn't do much for your prospects.Don't ask about whether she's planning to have kids, where her career's going, or whether she's picked out her wedding dress yet. You should also be careful not to talk about past relationships.Don't bring up ex-girlfriends, and don't ask her about her ex-boyfriends.To get a breather from the whole charade, ask your date about herself or talk about something of general interest, but don't focus on anything negative..

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