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Her mind, calm and clear during the battle, now raced with panic. Brighid and I will handle this ourselves.” If anyone had an objection, Mòrag did not hear it.It was highly possible that she would not be able to hide her urge to urinate from the others now, assuming they had not figured it out on their own. She did not know where it came from, but she found the strength to pick herself back up and rush forward, running as fast as her legs could move.All that could be heard around them was the fighting going on in other parts of the city and the crackling of the blue flame barricade that Brighid had set up. As this happened, Nia sheathed her ring blades as she and Dromarch walked back to the party.“So are we to continue guarding this bridge as well? “I hope not,” commented Nia, “Standing around’s not really my thing.” How does that not surprise me? “Sorry to disappoint, but we cannot risk leaving the bridge unguarded.Instead, she stood at the end of the hall where the lavatory was located, not quite next to the door, but close enough that she could quickly reach it as soon as its current occupant left. The rumbling, now accompanied with the sound of several roars and screeches, only felt stronger out on the streets. Keep the collateral damage to a minimum, but do whatever you need to keep the civilians safe.” She threw her arm out and declared “Move out!

Especially since mixed into all the bathroom diaries and surveys are several short stories that only amount to a paragraph or 2 at most.

Her need to relieve herself, completely forgotten in the chaos of battle, had returned stronger than ever.

The painful surge forced her to a complete standstill, her hands curling up with visible tension while her entire body went rigid in its efforts to keep her urine from spilling out right there and then. ” Mòrag could only grit her teeth in response to Brighid’s voice and footsteps moving towards her.

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To sign up, click the "CHAT" link in the navigation menu. Several monsters have crossed Midorl Bridge and are rampaging through the city! ” asked Brighid, “That bridge should be under heavy guard at all times.” “It is, ma’am, but it seems a tribe of ignas have coordinated an attack. “Perhaps, but we’ve not the time to discern the cause.

Soon enough, Mòrag and Brighid were running through the alleys of Alba Cavanich, turning their heads every which way to find the source of the scream.

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