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My boyfriends mother awoke to find scratch marks on her hands and wrists, and a slight cut on her belly.

Her child and her were fine, and she never had a visit by an "Anima Bendita" again.

The way that I will do your readings is through the use of tarot cards as well as oracle cards.

I also may use one deck or several decks to complete a full reading.

When the floating woman reached her, she lunged at her with the knife, trying to strike at her belly.

They saw no schoolmaster and heard no responses to their questions: The answers they asked for each night appeared in the morning as letters that glowed and faded on the pages of their books or shone from the cavern walls. Instead, a shaggy hand thrust out from the walls the food and drink they required.

No fee was asked save one--that the last man to leave each class give his body and soul to the schoolmaster, whose name was Satan.

A cache of charms: with knots, images and charms, witches focused and heightened their powers.

As a witch murmured her incantations, she could strengthen a spell by fashioning a witches ladder-nine feathers knotted into a multicolored cord to form a kind of perverted rosary.

V., and my friend in the kitchen doing what seemed to her as cooking, [a usual thing to see at that time of the day].

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