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Many different methods have been uncovered through anthropology as man researches the development of civilization.Early innovation indicate different cultures using regional items to store and boil water such as bamboo, turtle shell or the stomach linings of hunted animals.Perhaps the only thing she cooked different than my personal expectation is Chili. True Chili does not have macaroni mixed in with it.Plus, I’m the cook when it comes to the out door grilling.Just as long as I keep my hands off the wife’s collection of Rachel Ray cookware, she’s happy.Therefore, I too never really gave much thought about cookware either.Cast iron had been developed 513 BC in China used for weapons and figurines.

Plus the fact that my mother in law also lives with us who too takes pride in her cooking.Early cast iron was brittle requiring the casting to be thicker creating it to be extra heavy and much longer to heat.By 1400 AD, Cauldrons were developed which allowed for the making of great stews, soups or boiling.Pottery: Surely the oldest known cookware as pottery allowed for a variety of shapes and sizes.Pottery is a clay mud molded into a form that is then fired in a kiln.I knew this to be incorrect but not being a subject matter expert on early cookware, I decided to research the development of enamelware and facts of early cookware.

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