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Petra's first same-sex relationship is about the evolution of the character and not about how sexy it is for those watching.There's a lot of heat between Grobglas and Dawson, but it's more exciting for fans to see Petra really giddy about and vulnerable in a relationship.Petra has also been shown with Lachlan (Rafael's nemesis), Roman (Rafael's best friend), and Miloš (her sort-of husband), but those weren't great relationships for pretty obvious reasons.With JR, Petra has no ulterior motive when it comes to pursuing her — it's strictly because Petra is overcome with emotions and that's a first for her.But it turns out that JR wants Petra to be straightforward with her — and when Petra is, JR has responded in kind.So while JR and Petra don't say that they love each other like Jane and Rafael do — and even like Jane and Petra do — they still take a big step in "Chapter 79" by admitting they are serious about each other.I have traveled most of the world as I have been working in the hotel managemen more alwaysonmymin9 Fun, socialable, cheeky and v high sex drive!!! With no setup fee add your profile with images and detailed description and then feel free to browse other members seeking like you for love and online romance in Marbella.

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as of "Chapter 79," and this relationship marks a major evolution for Yael Grobglas' character.

But this could also be endgame for Petra (kind of like how Rafael and Jane should be endgame).

Gina Rodriguez hinted that Season 5 may be the last for . "She's really met someone as smart as her, and as layered as her, and as complicated as her," Urman said to Buzz Feed.

Buses in Spain are a convenient way to travel between cities, with a number of companies offering domestic and international bus routes.

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