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In other terms, if their husband earns enough to cover the financial needs of the family, they don’t feel the absolute need to assert themselves professionally and acquire financial independency.

Which is a rare mark of trust nowadays and is also part of the foundations of a traditional family.

Of course, as everybody, they like the nice things of life but if the couple is going through some difficult financial times due to a loss of job, career reorganisation etc., Russian women are known to be compliant, hard workers and perseverant.

However, they expect that love, understanding and respect always remain present.

Generally speaking, there is also quite a gap in the level of lifestyle and luxury, meaning that in Canada, a majority of adults have their own car, our residences are filled with luxury furniture and appliances, we have more than interesting salaries and do our shopping in superstores that offer just about anything that is available on the planet, the whole at very good prices versus our income. Of course, they appreciate it and enjoy it, but in a general way, they keep this notion of austerity and the need to not waste, that is anchored in their nature.

Many men from Canada get married with women from Russia or the Ukraine.

Moreover, according to the last Russian census, there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR countries.

Therefore, there is a lack of available men and women are in constant competition to get the attention of one of the single men who could be interested in a serious relationship. They are very feminine and it is normal for them to routinely dress in an elegant way, not just for occasions.

And to deserve it, it is not a question to have the nicest house on the street, or to have expensive cars or to offer them luxury items but it is a question of loving them, to be loved, to be faithful and to be a good family leader.

I spent some time alone and then decided to begin the process of finding a life partner. I don’t go out to bars, I don’t have friends with who I share activities on a regular basis, in short, I take care of my son one week out of two and I work extra hours the other week.

I have no interest for one night adventures and I want to meet a woman with who I will be able to develop a relationship that, I truly hope, will last many years and to never have to seek a life partner again in my life. Maybe that by chance, I would meet an interesting woman while shopping, going out with friends or simply while taking a walk …but months go by and I remain single. There are thousands of women who display profiles that seems quite interesting.

As far as business and industry, of course, they were enormous differences some time ago, but Russia is nowadays more and more opening the access to free enterprises.

Generally speaking, Russian and Ukrainian women adapt very well to Canada.

Certainly, they are generally well-educated and have all the tools to develop their personal career, and many do so with success.

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