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However, according to Dr Lukats, what we're seeing more of now is people who are stuck in a cycle of going on endless dates but never getting anywhere further. "After an initial in-depth consultation, we work out a few goals," says Dr Lukats.

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"But when I ask specific questions and mention height, where they live and other details, it soon becomes obvious that someone may have a subconscious check-list."I find that people tend to remember how they feel at the end of the exercise rather than the beginning, especially as it is usually a very positive experience."Obviously, each individual's treatment is different as it is personalised according to their problem areas." In terms of the most prevalent 'toxins' Dr Lukats says that low self-esteem, desperation and lack of opportunity are common in both men and women. How do they see themselves in five years' time, and so on." Interestingly, it seems that shyness is more of a problem for men.It's the run-up to Christmas, and seemingly everywhere you look there are couples kissing under mistletoe or strolling along hand-in-hand, bundled up in scarves and gloves like the living embodiment of a Disney happy ending. There are 13million singletons in the UK, and recent research by online dating service Parship shows that 5.6million of them haven't been on a date for the past six months or had a relationship in more than a year.Scroll down for more For those who are dating, the prospects are not much brighter."Or perhaps they've experienced some traumatic event such as losing a job or a partner who has been unfaithful, and this has knocked their confidence. "But a lot of that could be down to social expectations.

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