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We were awake at 4am to catch the best spot to photograph the reflection of the main temple in the lake, where thousands of nenuphar flowers bloom at daybreak. We are not alone; dozens of tourists are already at the spot.

The sky is not promising the arrival of the sun any time soon. We are in tunnels, corridors and temples of the impressive complex for quite some time, while people are still waiting for that magical aurora.

If you want to make CIA card or BBC press ID, it can all be done.

For 200 thai bahts, or 3 euros, you almost get an original.

Even though it’s interesting, Khaosan Road is unfortunately only thing that many see in Thailand. Neither is Toni Marušić, young adventurer, parachute and nature lover from Dugi Rat. For both of us, Khaosan was only a passage through which we accessed cheap accommodation in the nearby streets, while being loaded like allies in Normandy.

However, this imposing shrine – with all the trees, roots and vines, which capture every pore of the structure – is no more than a kingdom of macaques, only ones reigning.

I sat on the place of the codriver, while he sat on the crate nearby.

Therefore, I was opening doors and even payed some tolls, for the road which was more macadam than it was concrete. The sun was roasting dirty pavement, which was choking like sulphur.

Samonara and Kem Heva, our likeable drivers were giggling. Police car passed by, filled with incarcerated people holding inside grids.

They were less likeable when they tried to charge us for the visa, even though the price on the Internet said . Toni looked at me and said: We continued our ride on the disastrous road, with abstract and overloaded vehicle scenes shifting.

Same woman, dressed in folk costume, selling wooden frogs.

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