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I was "hyponosed" and had to have it and now that I do, I spray away, even though it is a little pricey, it makes me happy and that is what counts. A sensual and deep vanilla, but not a boring vanilla scent. I think it's the passion flower, but it smells peppery on my skin.

Unfortunely, I won't buy it as I don't want to smell like black pepper during an hour. This is definetely the perfume that is a safe blind buy/ present unless you or the people you're buying it for are very pretentious and demanding.

if you have doubts (as I did, almost gave it away, keep trying, it grows on you, so very feminie and delightful sweet in a fresh way, not syrpy-y at all. I'm glad I own this and would repurchase without a doubt.

Bottle 7/10 Its an impossible smoothie of vanilla beans and white florals. Sometimes I like wearing fragrances based on my mood, others based on the weather or season but sometimes I don't care about any of those things and just wear what I want, and whenever I want because I know I always smell nice with these amazing fragrances (not to sound cocky at all) because I'm very much aware that there are people who loathe the smell of vanilla.

Its a soft cloud of a very laid back vanilla (not a pungeant one), and made somewhat elegant and classy by vetiver. I get compliments from people who like subtle perfumes. Longevity for about 6-7 hours and strong Sillage for 2 hours.

But it's more like sweet/creamy-fresh vanilla blossom on my skin. I am not usually into this type of scents.i bought it on an impulse, on a day i desperately wanted something new. i did know this wasn't my type and i did realise it is going to be different of what i have. I especially like the vanilla note, it makes it a "warm" perfume I have a good number of fragrances, and yet this is my most complimented by men and women alike. I want to enjoy this beauty watching a wonderful sunset... It's all sugar no spice, light floral with light vanilla, I wouldn't think of this as gourmand vanilla scent, but as a gourmand sugar scent, passionfruit flower adds much needed freshness and the vetiver keeps it from overdosing with sweetness.

Really reminds me of being sick, or food poisoning, so I can say it is a colder relative of Poison, food poison. I loved it so much, I was afraid to use it very often.

It could work for others, but I'll leave it for later testing. Creamy but fresh vanilla-white florals that so detectable, alluring, delicate & hypnotizing. it was sweet, it was thick, it was different from my usuals. i tucked it away into the deepest part of my closet. I felt so elegant wearing it and I have awesome memories (Paris in late fall) wearing this. My latest bottle is every bit a performer as my first one from 2005/6. I just want to lay down under it and enjoy all its sensuality and warm upon my skin...elegant, sensual, womanly, highly attractive.

So to be fair, as so many clever reviewers have cautioned...never give up on a fragrance until you’ve worn it a good number of times.

I love the description above “The beautiful bottle is designed in a form of woman’s silhouette, and the color of the perfume hypnotizes just like tender blue woman’s eyes“ Not too many blue women in this neck of the woods, not even tender ones I just bought my 6th bottle!!!

Hypnose by Lancôme is sunny, woodsy, oriental fragrance with gourmand nuances.

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