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We have walk up tickets available from midday and still have some tickets left online.

#Swingers LDN A post shared by Swingers - the crazy golf club (@swingersldn) on What is it: No longer confined to cheap seaside resorts, crazy golf is just one of many formerly tacky activities to be hipsterfied.

That means it’s a pretty level playing field, where you can both show off your competitive streak. Nothing ruins a romantic night out than an argument over your dodgy overtaking skills. If you can keep your steering gentle and your speed consistent, you’ll soon overtake the reckless racers who’ve oversteered themselves into a mess. You’re sampling – so get creative and adventurous with your selections. There’s no shame in knowing very little about something but wanting to know more, but you will sound like a prize plonker if you try to blag sounding like a wine pro. According to Wine Enthusiast magazine, you should be looking at it straight on, from the side, on its side, then watch it swirl.

When you smell it, try to isolate each aspect that you’re registering; is it fruity, herby, spicy, or earthy? When you taste it, there’s more to it than just deciding whether you like it or not – try to decide whether it’s balanced, complex, harmonious and complete. Good food and an even better selection of wine (as you’d expect from the name).

There are various options – a Grand Prix format will see you go head to head with a bunch of other competitors.Each site features award-winning high ropes, crossings, tunnels and epic wind-in-your-face zip wires.We promise you it’ll be a day out you’ll never forget!And as with the majority of hipster things, it’s now entered the mainstream.Today’s urban crazy golf sites are trendy locations where millennials hang out and business-people attempt to be down with the kids. Everyone wants a decent game so don’t let your date win - but remember crazy golf is meant to be a laugh.Great skills @crave.munch from our Unbeatable Filled Pasta lesson!

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