Dating a metrosexual man

From specific fashion week collections (Milan for example hosts two fashion weeks every year, exclusively dedicated to men.) Add to this the boom of male beauty spa´s (sorry, grooming salons) which now integrate seamlessly into the urban sprawl of pretty much every capital city in Europe, if not the world.) Interestingly enough, the top three treatments are body waxing, eye brow plucking and eye lash tinting.

(Don´t worry, I am guilty of having all these three done at some point also, after all it is important to look good, isn’t it?

)As quoted in 2013 by Cosmetics Business, the male beauty industry in the UK is now worth £707.5 million and now one out of every 2.62 men use some form of beauty product, endorsed more frequently by celebrities.

The city boys and young professionals, with generous disposable incomes and exposure to such decadent markets of lifestyle and luxury, promising them looks, love and success if they choose brand X, or spray cologne Y before going to the office.

Way back in 1994, when women pondered whether we could shave our armpits and still call ourselves feminists, the writer Mark Simpson was studying the modern man in the mirror.

He coined the term "metrosexual" and has studied the development of his "Frankenstein's monster with flawless skin" ever since, right up to the Jersey Shore incarnation of eyebrow-plucking carb-dodgers.

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If you looked different or dressed differently then you were possibly ´ a bit funny.´ This antiquated portrait of openly gay men, who were almost always employed in theatre, fashion or creative industries, was not a positive one.“What women say they think about metrosexuality and how they respond to it can be two very different things. It's hardly surprising that advertising that there's a male market to be milked too. However, Simpson believes the metro movement is driven by men themselves, not marketing.And he believes it has heralded a shift towards a new sense of male autonomy and empowerment, “Men are not only more sensual creatures nowadays," he says, "but also more independent.David and Victoria are still going strong 17 years on.The ultimate style couple, who played with fashion and image to the delight of the nation.However, you do not have to be linked to your opposite sex ´beau´ to command respect.

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