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The introduction of IRC enabled users to engage in real-time chat-based role-playing and resulted in the establishment of open communities.

Development of forum hosting software and browser-based chat services such as AOL and Yahoo Chat increased the availability of these mediums to the public and improved accessibility to the general public.

In many cases, characters are regarded as belonging to the players who created them, and others are not allowed to make drastic changes to them without the creator's consent.

In addition to standard characters, games may also incorporate non-player characters (NPCs).

Some NPCs have recurring roles, while others appear only briefly to aid in the writing of a scene.

Games vary in the degree to which the setting is established; some go as far as to include a virtual "world" to roleplay in, while others allow players to improvise the setting as they progress.

Settings may be derived from novels, TV shows or movies (often resulting in collaborative fan-fiction) or may be unique to the game.

Play-by-post games are frequently written in the third person perspective due to the fact that multiple players must share each scene, each with his or her character as the focus of attention.

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If you can't find a solution, follow the troubleshooting steps below.Results of combat, which may include Player versus player encounters, may be determined by chance through dice rolls or software designed to provide a random result.The results of random chance may need to be provided to the players in order to avoid disputes that may be a result of cheating or favoritism.Compared to other roleplaying game formats, this type tends to have the loosest rulesets.Play-by-post roleplaying has its origins on the large computer networks and bulletin board systems of major universities in the United States in the 1980s, where it drew heavily upon the traditions of fanzines and off-line role-playing games.Forums that cater to all levels of role-playing may have specific sections for various difficulty levels.

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