Christopher titus dating 2016


Here is the description from Nov 5, 2014: Bombshell Rae gets Bombastic in this crazy rant on the state of political discourse in America.

It ain't about the issues it's about the yelling at each other about the issues, conspiracies, lies insults, and attacks.

Never Unbiased and Always Unbalanced, This is the Titus Podcast."This week on the Titus Podcast, Titus talks about the multitude of things that have been going wrong in the world. Fetus is punished for interrupting to much."We cut loose politics and go after something that is tangible... After Tom Delonge from Blink 182 started a new scientific foundation to push the limit of human knowledge, Titus gets back into Aliens. Bombshell thinks it's all a conspiracy and Fetus threatens to quit because of clowns.

The Armageddon update is a rant on Weinstein, Bombshell teaches women to handle their own personal Weinstein's and Fetus gets a little to touchy feely about the whole thing. Titus, Bombshell, and Fetus talk about the long journey of making this ten year dream a reality.

With Trump talking about the "Rocket Man" in North Korea, how close are we total world annihilation? THIS IS THE TITUS PODCAST"Titus tell his fathers favorite joke in the update and gives you a way to live as an A-hole would live. Titus, Bombshell and Fetus go over the who, what and where regarding DACA, then they take a hard turn to threatening Fetus about his hometown Winter Carnival. A woman on a tinder date leaves a prize and attempts to retrieve it. Bombshell gives us many examples of why not to drink and drive including a woman with a 3.33 Blood alcohol level."Titus is in the darkest place he's been in awhile, due to the country being in the darkest place it's been in a while. Fetus and Bombshell drag him out of the funk, it gets funny after Titus brings more cowbell and we figure out how to destroy Fetus' hometown winter carnival.Then a child sucks down a squeaky toy and his parents laugh.This week the Titus Podcast hits all the major news stories you need to know about! Com"After using a nerve agent on a double agent in England Titus and the Crew delve into the shirtless bad boy known as Putin. Bombshell talks about United Airlines after refusing to talk about United airlines and Fetus tries to say hard words.Titus talks about the serial bomber who was finally caught, Bombshell shows us how Mark Zuckerberg gives testimony, and Fetus can't say the word "Analytica". The leader of Russia is a Super Villain beyond measure. Hard to write about something when there is so much crazy in the world. Dennis comes back in a big way much to Fetus's horror and Bombshell takes on the trolls.In the news Bombshell talks about an old Frenchman who found a roundabout way to get arrested and a quite unexpected Russian joyride. Bombshell tells the story of when Titus almost died while laughing and a man blows off his jaw chewing gum. Bombshell talks about her Armenian Gym adventure and the inner idiot reads Trump tweets.

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