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Flash forward to modern day where the internet has become the new center of daily life – a forum where global communities no matter how niche can meet, conduct business, and discuss any topic.

When your child’s at this age you should consider restricting her access only to sites that you have visited and feel are appropriate.For help with this matter, you can consider using one of the pre-screened Web sites in Get Net Wise, as well as child-safe search engines.At this age it’s important that kids experience positive results from sites that can enhance their discovery.During these years, children should be encouraged to do a bit more exploring on their own, but that doesn’t mean that the parents shouldn’t be close at hand.Just as you wouldn’t send children at this age to a movie by themselves, it’s important to be with them — or at least nearby — when they explore the Net.And if you’re interested in participating in a live event, there’s an interactive workshop about values in the event industry with a focus on long-term vision with event stakeholders planned for May 31st in London and Frankfurt.

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