A simple administrative web page should show the list of chatbot friends, and status, email address and last status change time for each friend.

The admin web page should also allow for configuration of the chatbot settings, and turning the chatbot on/off. other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist in one place in the Buyer's environment--Deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer's environment.

Users of those clients will add the chatbot as a friend and then be able to receive messages from the chatbot.

That chatbot will interface with an RSS feed URL which indicates whether there is a new message available to send to the chat clients.

Mini makes new technologies like AI, NLP, Fin Tech and chatbots available to SME through the efforts of a global partners network.We believe that a chatbot for senior people and patients with Alzheimer’s disease is a long-wanted and helpful solution, which will enable to improve their quality of life, broaden their horizons, and give them the joy of communication and socializing.This project is to develop a chatbot that interfaces with Yahoo, AIM, and MSN chat clients.Perhaps, many of you will agree with me that with the increase of years people start experiencing difficulties in communication, especially when they have an axe to grind with each other.We feel that many senior people lack communication, especially, with young inquiring minds.It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.

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