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In 2010, Sonja filed for bankruptcy, saying she was .8 million in debt. Morgan, and he allegedly owes her money from the divorce, which would give Sonja a little extra money.

In 2014, she sold her home in France for .7 million, and she still has her New York home — which I'm sure is worth a nice chunk of change — but that still leaves me wondering about the million judgement she received for a movie she was supposed to produce through her production company. Sonja always talks about her many business ventures, but I'm not sure how many of them are actually successful (see: toaster oven).

In New York, Dorinda met and married her late husband Richard Medley (while she was a real estate broker), and Medley was probably a very wealthy man, since he was a hedge fund advisor at George Soros.

Carole is an award-winning author (see: What Remains) and a very well-respected journalist.

She started her journalism career as an unpaid worker on 20/20 and worked her way up to production jobs on news shows.

Bethenny has evolved her cocktail brand into an entire lifestyle brand, so she is seeing money come from shapewear, snacks, books, so many ventures.

She also had a talk show for a hot second, so that surely padded her wallet, too.

She achieved fame six years later with a best-selling memoir about her grief, called What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love, but now has re-emerged- to the apparent dismay of her late husband’s mother. Lee believes Tony never would have wanted Carole to be a part of reality television and she can’t quite grasp why anyone would want to be a on a television show with women fighting and getting drunk,’ an unidentified source close to the 80-year-old socialite told Radar.

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