Cancer survivor dating sites did chuck woolery dating stacey hayes


at the risk of sounding trivial i would like to see a dating site/thread for single cancer survivors.

Having cancer has changed every aspect of my life and i am finding it difficult to find someone who looks at life in the same way i (we) do.

Like other life changing experiences, cancer can cause you to look at relationships differently and often presents new challenges.

Exploring these issues on the discussion boards is a wonderful way to see how others have worked their way back into the "dating scene" and found happy, fulfilling relationships.

That isn't to say I'd completely rule it out, life happens, but.. Just doesn't sound like something I'd go for, personally. There is an online dating site that is designed for people who have had cancer, though it may have been created after this thread was started:

In terms of only looking to date people that are cancer survivors, I think it would not be a useful idea.

I personally don't like talking about myself too much cause it brings back unpleasant memories,,, so I never asked my friend more than she was willing to talk about,,, I guess we just have to be super lucky to meet the right person :/ but I just have to believe that I (or we) will all meet someone that is perfect for each of us,,, : DI think making a site for "survivors" is so isolating, though.

I don't know, so far I've been one of few, but I dislike the term survivor, NED or whatever terminology is used to indicate.

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A part of survivorship includes pursuing your goals for life. Please feel free to discuss this topic, it is very much encouraged.

my best friend is actually not a survivor,,, but really seams to understand certain things!!!

maybe she has second hand experience with a close relative...

I am going to register for get a new soul male for me, God love us and he has a good man for us. Bud I've had a hard time dating and holding relationships with non survivors.

There are many survivors on this and other forums who are alone, and possibly unaware that another survivor with similar issues is out there, and maybe in close enough proximity to even meet and develop a relationship. The one relationship I had with a transplant survivor was great (not cancer, but I had a stem cell trans) but didn't work out, long story.

i often think of what a wonderfully fullfilled life 2 survivors could live.

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