Amare stoudemire dating serena williams


So he knows how to deal with the times when she’s under a lot of stress.They balance each other well.” “He’s good for her because she’s one of these people with a Type-A personality, and he’s more calm and serene,” added Price.It’s a welcome turn of events for Serena, who, over the years, has experienced hardships: a life-threatening blood clot in her lung, the tragic murder of her half sister and personal assistant Yetunde Price and racist jeers from onlookers during matches, including one incident at Indian Wells that caused her to boycott the California tournament for 14 years.“I think it is the happiest she’s been,” Williams’ mother, Oracene Price, told The Post of her daughter.This is such an exciting time in Serena Williams‘ life right now.

When she’s not training or competing, Serena’s working on her eponymous HSN clothing line or hosting her annual Williams Invitational in Florida, where friends take part in a massive dance competition, dodgeball tournaments and, yes, a round robin of tennis.At 35, most tennis stars are considered over the hill. In January, she set a world tennis record by winning a 23rd career Grand Slam title. The past few months have been blockbuster for the champ."Robinrazzi" is a nickname given from a former colleague because I'm known for having a camera in hand at all times.I have traveled the world covering entertainment events, celebrities and anything trending.“I think they’re a great match,” said Robbye Poole, Serena’s hitting partner of two years.

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