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Sponsored By: read morehas extended the early bird price for its Summit conference by a month.

The original cutoff for the 9 pricing was originally March 15, but has now been extended to April 4 for the event to be held from May 9 through 11 in Atlanta.

He also discusses the importance of using data to look around corners and identify opportunities to support the business.

The Progressive Accountant in conjunction with Avalara is excited to announce the launch of our new Sales Tax and Compliance section.

Sales Tax and Compliance presents an incredible opportunity for bookkeeping and accounting firms.

A total of 181 lawsuits alleged that executives were overpaid through improperly timed stock-option awards at companies, including United Health Group and Broadcom A settlement in the final suit, involving fiber-optics supplier Finisar, was approved last month.

The settlements cost companies and their executives, auditors and advisers a combined .3 billion, Audit Analytics said.

Most of the cases were resolved without the companies admitting or denying wrongdoing.

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