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Girls are expected to remain virgins until their wedding nights, so some prostitutes have only anal sex.Police make two to three prostitution arrests each week, according to Zia ul-Haq, the chief investigator in the Interior Ministry's department of sexual crimes.When she stopped seeing him, they sent her 10-year-old brother instead.

"You go, you take their phone number, then you tell your friends.Police raided the place and arrested the prostitutes. For a few weeks, the girl went daily to a women's aid organization. At first she said her family did not know she was selling sex, and her mother would kill her.She arrived in the morning, worked in the kitchen and had an hour of counseling every day. But during the counseling sessions, she let it slip that her parents encouraged her to work with Uncle Lang.She speaks four languages — the local languages of Pashtu and Dari, the Urdu she picked up as a refugee in Pakistan and the English she learned in a .40-a-month course she pays for herself in Kabul. But in March, she confessed to having anal sex with men for years, starting with the legless beggar.She looked down as she spoke, her face and hands sooty from car exhaust.At one family-run brothel, the oldest girl was a 15-year-old, orphaned when her parents died in rocket attacks in Kabul.

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