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Always look for ways to target carrier traffic correctly and you can do that by targeting correct IP ranges instead of carrier names. Most traffic sources use different third-party IP Range detection partners to detect mobile carriers and most of the time they are free, which makes accuracy highly volatile and cause differences between what you’re seeing on their interface with what’s actually ending up on your affiliate panel.

Once you’re a TOP RUNNER with us, Bitter can provide you with reports of the IPS associated with all your conversions.

As any vertical it has its up and downs, which will always be there, so you need to have always a ton of resources at your disposal which you can activate in the shortest time.2. Apps will continue to represent the largest % of all top opportunities, with GEO’s from APAC gently taking the lead in user acquisition and payouts.

We recommend testing each offer with 2-3 landers, from 3 different traffic sources.Test efficiently setting multiple campaigns in the vertical or GEO you’re looking to start with.Be flexible, gather data from your tracker and make data driven decisions.The most difficult thing for top paying App Installs is to meet the KPI.There isn’t a global standard in place, most developers or advertisers having specific requirements; Some example of their requirements: Word of advice!While for CPC doing brokerage and selling at a higher CPC brings you ROI (if you have good connections), when doing CPA, CPL, CPI , users interest is the decision maker here. Adult content has been the most prolific form of business since ages.

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