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You can also schedule an appointment ahead of time and skip past the stand-by wait.South Dakota Department of Public Safety Mailing address: Driver Licensing Program 118 West Capitol Ave.The roof is gone and the metal on the cars parked inside is becoming slippery from the freely falling rain.The four rescuers clamber over the top of the Mc Lagan vehicles.

He once more feels the embrace of fear as he begins to pray that everyone else has fared the same as he has. Of the 30 homes destroyed on June 18, not a single one was the site of a fatality.

You can deal with any of the following tasks at a DPS licensing office: Find your county below or enter your zip code above to find the closest licensing office to you.

In South Dakota, all transactions dealing with your vehicle are handled by the South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division (MVD).

They cannot believe the complete destruction that lies before them.

Three hours prior, kids could be heard playing in the street.

The events of the evening make it seem as if that hot summer softball game had transpired centuries ago.

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