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Charles later explained to Laura that someday, like Mary, she'll have many boys who are interested in her.

Though it might be a coincidence, this also may have been the start of Laura's attraction to older men.

One day when Laura was playing outside with her glass doll, it accidentally got broke when she set it down to play catch with Mary.

When Mary was out with Jack, they found a raccoon, and Mary brought it home to cheer Laura up.

Laura named him Jasper, and prided herself on teaching him tricks.

When Laura brought Jasper to school, and because of food aggression and the many children at the school, Jasper bit Laura on her finger and also bites Jack, and then ran away into the woods. After a raccoon who the Ingalls think is Jasper, kills some of their chickens, Charles fears that Jack might have rabies and keeps him in the barn.

Jack passed away as well in the Ingalls' barn and was buried on a hill in Plum Creek.

Laura also got her love of Lemon Verbena perfume from Miss Beadle. Edwards drunk in a saloon, and offered him to come back to Walnut Grove so he could be rehabilitated, unbeknown to Laura who thought he was just on a visit. Edwards also took a liking or "took a shine" in prairie talk, to Grace Snider, a widow who worked in the post office.

Laura and Grace were also good friends, as was the rest of the Ingalls family with her.

Laura later made a new friend named Olga Nordstrom, at a party held by Nellie Oleson.

Because of a birth defect, one of Olga's legs were shorter than the other.

Her next dog was Bandit who she had throughout the remainder of her teen years.

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