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• Connect a line through the results on the graph. Because half lives and elemental decays are a matter of probability, one trial is not enough. This also reinforces the scientific testing process.

Have students label their lines trial 1, trial 2, trial 3, or use different colors for each.

The experimental probability graph will be used as a model for absolute age dating.

Students will toss pennies and plot their results on a graph.If the age of a layer is known, then the fossils or rock layers are relatively older or younger than that layer based on their position above or below the known layer.The second type of age dating is called absolute age dating .Record N, the number of students on the vertical axis of the graph (or if each student is using multiple pennies, the total number of pennies).This is the number of parent isotopes in the element at the element's formation.• Continue flipping for T3, T4, T5, as needed until no one tosses a heads.

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