21 dating 18 year old


A 15-year-old girl is still a high school kid, while a 21-year-old guy is a young adult.

I think my biggest concern about such a young girl being involved with a guy that much older is that he might interfere with her growing up into her own person.

There was another guy that age who was kind of hanging around and acting interested.

He gave me a ride home from cheerleading practice one day, but dropped me off a block from my house so my mom wouldn't see his car.

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Penthouse published a centrespread of a fourteen year old, I remember, because, being fourteen myself, I fell for her, cutting her portrait from the page.

Wait until later in life and pick the right wife before you sign your life away.

Priority numero uno should be making money and building a life for yourself.

She isn't your soulmate, she isn't “the one”, it isn't true love. Assuming you are a westerner, especially an American, . As a young man you can be free to date around and play the field.

Tying yourself to one woman with a Government enforced noose will do two things: turn you into a shell of a man and significantly reduce your income after she gets bored, divorces you so she can find herself, and papa Government helps her finance it with your money.

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: How to be 18 again ———————— When you turn 18 you are a free man.

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